Xinruili waterproof paint for walls and roofs

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Polyurethane waterproof coating is an isocyanate group-containing prepolymer formed by addition polymerization of isocyanate, polyether, etc., with catalyst, anhydrous additives, anhydrous fillers, solvents, etc., and processed by mixing and other processes. One-component polyurethane waterproof coating.

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item Paint&coating
Place of Origin China
Main Raw Material POLYURETHANE
Usage Building Coating, waterproof coating
Application Method Brush
State Liquid Coating
Product Name Waterproof Coating
Color Transparent
Feature Eco-friendly
Drying time 24 Hours
Coverage 3-4m2/L

Product Description

(1)It can be directly applied on various wet or dry base surfaces. (2) The adhesive force with the base surface is strong, and the macromolecular substances in the coating film can penetrate into the fine slits of the base surface. (3) The coating film has good flexibility, strong adaptability to expansion or cracking of the base layer, and high tensile strength. (4) Green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the person. (5) Good weather resistance, no flow at high temperature, no crack at low temperature, excellent anti-aging performance, oil resistance, wear resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

what is this product?

Polyurethane waterproof coating is environmentally friendly. Polyurethane waterproof coating is a new type of polymer multifunctional material. The waterproof coating has good waterproof performance, anti-penetration, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, ductility, bonding strength, blackening, long service life, cheap price, cooling construction, convenient use, and low odor. Polyurethane waterproof coating is a new type of waterproof material that is odorless and has good decoration effect.

This product application?

1. polyurethane waterproof paint is suitable for concrete leveling, inclined level, gutter, awning and all kinds of irregular shape roof;

2.Toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, roof gardens, flower beds, swimming pools, sewage ponds, Bridges, roads, parking lots and other places are also suitable for polyurethane waterproof paint;

Microcement can make walls and floors more integrated

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Granite paint villa case

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