Xinruili exterior wall natural stone paint for villa

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Natural stone paint is an environmentally friendly exterior wall paint, which can be used on villas, office buildings and many buildings. Xinruili natural stone paint is moderately priced and of good quality, and is welcomed by many domestic and foreign customers.

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item value
Other Names Real Stone Paint
Coverage 3.75kg can cover 1㎡
Place of Origin China
Main Raw Material OTHER
Usage Building Coating
Application Method Spray
State Liquid Coating
Brand Name OUBAOLI
Model Number SBS-100

Product Description

Natural stone paint can be used on the walls of buildings. Its advantages are that it can prevent the traditional tiles from falling off, has a long service life, and is simple in construction. It is a trending product in the future.

what is this product?

Natural stone paint has a similar appearance to the surface of marble, but compared with real marble, the cost of decoration is lower, the construction is also simple, and the service life is more than 15 years. It is generally used for the walls of buildings, villas and office buildings.

This product application?

Natural stone paint can be used with primers and topcoats. It is generally constructed by spraying method, which is simple in construction and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for interior and exterior wall decoration of various buildings such as villas, apartments, office buildings, and buildings. Can be used as exterior wall and relief, beam and column and other special-shaped wall decoration; also suitable for exterior wall painting;

Natural stone paint effect resembles marble surface

Product Case

Natural stone paint applied to villa or fence

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