Xinruili interior wall latex paint for bedroom

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The interior wall latex paint is a kind of paint with polymer emulsion as film-forming material, and a kind of water-based paint prepared with synthetic resin emulsion as base material, adding pigments, fillers and various auxiliaries. Latex paint for interior walls is one of the main decorative materials for interior walls and ceilings. It is characterized by good decorative effect, convenient construction, little environmental pollution, low cost and extremely wide application.

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item value
Other Names emulsion paint
Place of Origin China
Usage Building Coating
Application Method Roller/brush/spray
State Liquid Coating
Product Name exterior paint
Color Customized Colors
Feature Resistance
Function Water resistance is prevented bask in
Drying time 24 Hours
Coverage 3-4m2/L
Gloss Matt\satin\Glossy\High Glossy
OEM Acceptable


Product Description

Latex paint has excellent waterproof function, it can prevent water from penetrating the wall and damage the cement, thus protecting the wall, and can effectively prevent the mold caused by the intrusion of water

what is this product?

Latex paint, also known as emulsion paint, was born in the middle and late 1970s. It is a kind of organic paint. It is a kind of water-based paint prepared with synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, adding pigments, fillers and various additives. It has the advantages of easy brushing, quick drying, water resistance and good scrub resistance.

This product application?

The operation method of latex paint brushing can be hand brush, roller brush and spray brush. All should be brushed in one direction, and the joints should be laid well, and one brushing surface should be completed at one time., used together with primer, and can be used in home decoration, hotels and other interior buildings.

Microcement can make walls and floors more integrated


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Granite paint villa case

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