Xinruili acrylic floor paint for outdoor

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Acrylic floor paint is a one-component paint, which can be applied by adding Tianna water in a certain proportion. Low price, fast drying, strong adhesion and strong dust resistance. Outdoor venues exposed to the sun for a long time have strong and continuous ultraviolet radiation, and are suitable for outdoor places such as outdoor concrete floors, stadiums, stadium stands and so on.

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Other Names Acrylic floor paint
Place of Origin China
Main Raw Material Acrylic
Application Method Roll/brush
State Liquid Coating
Model Number YD-02

Product Description

The advantage of the acrylic coating system: it is completely free of asbestos, lead and other compounds, which is in line with the principle of environmental protection. Completely green and environmentally friendly, with anti-ultraviolet performance, the color is lasting and deep, not fading, and not falling off. Easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and robustness in any climate.

what is this product?

The main component of acrylic floor paint is a resin made by copolymerization of acrylate and other olefinic monomers. It is a good outdoor floor paint. Its performance characteristics are fast drying, strong adhesion and easy construction.

This product application?

Acrylic floor paint is a kind of floor paint that is widely used in industrial and home decoration. Acrylic floor paint has strong wear resistance and pressure resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance, and resistance to peeling. Acrylic floor paint can be used indoors and outdoors. , Good waterproof, strong stain resistance, simple constructionNow the acrylic floor paint used in general stadiums and outdoor stadiums can be used for more than 5 years.

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