Various knowledge and construction methods about microcement

Microcement is a new type of home decoration material that emerged in Europe about 10 years ago, formerly known as "nano-cement", and then uniformly translated as "microcement"。Microcement is not ordinary cement. Microcement is a new type of exterior decoration product in recent years. Its main components are cement, resin, quartz, modified polymer, etc., with high strength, only 2-3mm thick, seamless, Waterproof, wear-resistant and other characteristics.

As a new type of finishing material, Xinruili micro-cement is also widely used in application scenarios. First of all, the ground, wall, top, furniture, and exterior walls can all be used to make the entire wall and ceiling space form a whole. This is a traditional There is no way for floors and coatings to be done, and simplicity is actually more difficult than complexity. Especially in recent years, minimalist style has been pursued, and micro-cement has also taken advantage of the trend.

Let me introduce you the application scenarios of microcement

Commercial spaces such as hotels and residences
First of all, due to its simple construction, wear-resistant, anti-skid, fire-proof and other characteristics, micro-cement can be constructed in a large area in a short time.
New house decoration
Whether it is the integration of walls and floors, or the design of integrated kitchen and bathroom, microcement can be used quite appropriately

So what are the performance characteristics and advantages of Xinruili brand microcement?

1. Environmental protection
Since microcement is a water-based inorganic coating product, the VOC content is extremely low, far below the standard.

2. Thin coating
Since the microcement finished surface is only a few millimeters thick, it does not take up space, and at the same time can form a spatial continuity.

3. Anti-skid and wear-resistant
For example, in toilets and outdoors, anti-skid properties must be required. Xinruili's products contain resin and quartz components, which can form super wear resistance.

4. Strong adhesion
Due to the two-component combination of micro-cement, it not only has a certain flexibility, but also can reach 1.6 times that of traditional cement self-leveling, and can be used on any non-cracking base surface.

5. Fireproof and waterproof
Microcement has A1 fire rating and is not flammable. Microcement has its absolute advantages in shopping malls, office buildings and places with high fire rating requirements. And the surface has a super wear-resistant waterproof layer, so the microcement has excellent waterproof performance and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

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