About the use and construction method of granite paint

What is granite paint?

Granite paint is a thick exterior wall decorative paint with decorative effect similar to marble and granite. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, and is mostly used to create the imitation stone effect of building exterior walls, so it is also called liquid stone. The buildings decorated with granite paint have natural and real natural color, giving people a sense of elegance, harmony and solemnity. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially when it is decorated on curved buildings, it can be vivid and return to nature.

Advantages of granite paint

Granite coating has good weather resistance, color retention, and can prevent mildew and algae: granite coating is formulated with pure acrylic resin emulsion or silicone acrylic resin emulsion and natural stone crystal particles of various colors, which has good weather resistance and can effectively Prevent the external harsh environment from eroding the building and prolong the life of the building.

Granite paint has high hardness, anti-cracking, and anti-leakage: The granite paint is made of natural stone and is composed of high-strength binders. It also has strong toughness, strong cohesion, and slight extensibility, which can effectively cover fine cracks and prevent cracking, completely solving the problems that occur in the production, transportation and use of ceramic tiles.

The granite coating is easy to construct and has a short construction period: it only needs to do primer putty, primer, middle coating and finishing paint, and it can be applied by spraying, scraping, roller coating and other methods. It can also be sprayed in one shot, the surface is uniform, and the lines are divided in various ways. Granite paint can completely imitate the specifications of ceramic tiles, imitating the size of the tile area, the shape and pattern, and can be arbitrarily designed according to the customer. The construction period of granite paint is 50% shorter than that of ceramic tile.


Granite paint is non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, low load and high safety performance: and the self-weight of the paint film is very small and will never affect the load of the wall, which not only ensures the overall beauty, but also ensures safety.

There are many colors of granite: there are thousands of colors for customers to choose arbitrarily, and various effects can be deployed according to the special requirements of customers, which can meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers.

Post time: Aug-06-2022

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