What are the advantages of granite paint over ceramic tiles?

What are the advantages of granite paint over ceramic tiles?
Crack resistance

Ceramic tiles have weak impact resistance and are easy to break. Whether it is production, transportation, installation or use, ceramic tiles are very easy to break. This is determined by the nature of its own material and cannot be changed.

Granite paint has high hardness, anti-cracking and anti-leakage. It is composed of high-strength binder. The thickness of the coating is 2-3mm, which is equivalent to the hardness of marble surface, and has a significant protective effect on the wall. It also has strong toughness, strong cohesion, and slight extensibility, which can effectively cover fine cracks and prevent cracking, completely solving the problems that occur in the production, transportation and use of ceramic tiles.

Construction performance

The construction of ceramic tiles is difficult and the construction period is long. At present, there are two commonly used methods for paving ceramic tiles. Dry and wet methods are commonly used. Due to the irregular shape of the wall, the construction of ceramic tiles requires high precision. The seams are uneven and the height difference is large, which affects the overall appearance.

The construction of granite paint is simple and the construction period is short. It only needs to do primer, primer, middle coat and finish paint. It can be applied by spraying, scraping, roller coating and other methods. It can also be sprayed in one shot, the surface is uniform, and the lines are divided in various ways. Granite paint can completely imitate the specifications of ceramic tiles, imitating the size of the tile area, the shape and pattern, and can be arbitrarily designed according to the customer. The construction period of granite paint is 50% shorter than that of ceramic tile.

Economic performance

The actual cost of using ceramic tiles is relatively high. Compared with granite paint, the cost of auxiliary materials for ceramic tiles is relatively high. For example, sand, gravel, cement, etc. need to be paid for. Moreover, ceramic tiles need to be cut for irregular walls, thereby increasing the cost and loss.

The cost of granite paint is low and cost saving: the cost of granite paint series products is only about 45% of the cost of high-grade ceramic tiles. The damage and natural loss of ceramic tile during transportation, installation and use are larger than that of granite paint.

Post time: Aug-01-2022

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