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        Marie-Cassandre Bourcel, who lives between France and England, needed her own temporary home in London where she could write her book, entertain friends and organize classes in a relaxed environment. The wellness entrepreneur, sustainability advocate and writer fell in love with a unique apartment in Earl’s Court Square in London’s Kensington and Chelsea.
        This area, built in the 19th century on the farm of the Edwards family, was once home to Diana, Princess of Wales, choreographer Frederick Ashton, Pink Floyd. Celebrities such as Pink Floyd musician Syd Barrett and The Royal founder Ninette de Valois have lived here. ballet. As they began work on the project, interior designers Olga Ashby and Mary Cassandra discovered that American writer and actress Joan Juliet Barker (and editor-in-chief of French Vogue magazine) lived in the same house next door. garden.
        With that kind of pedigree, this 861-square-foot, one-bedroom duplex apartment in a Second Empire building is the perfect fit for Mary Cassandra. “She had a very clear idea of ​​what her dream home should look like,” Olga says of her clients.
        With high ceilings and muted colors combined with textures and materials such as stone, linen, wool cashmere and microcement, the space was designed with sustainability in mind. The key is to partner with suppliers who share the same values ​​and, where possible, find local suppliers.
       A custom daybed by Autumn Down is paired with Hive fixtures by Bombinate, contrasting with metal and glass doors by Metalframe and a staircase by
        “Knowing the impact of products and materials on our health and the environment, we have not used any plastic or toxic products,” said Marie-Cassandre. “The wood we choose comes from sustainable forests and we have several locally sourced products. It’s a small effort, but it really matters to me.”
        “My biggest challenge was to create a complex and elegant building that originally had four straight walls,” said Olga. “I have to admit that Mary Cassandra was fearless when it came to renovations and she made tough decisions like removing the ceiling.”
        In Howden’s kitchen, an Urban Outfitters pendant light hangs above the bar. Eichholtz chairs surround an island that also doubles as a table.
        Lighting from Urban Outfitters, chairs from Eichholtz Furniture and custom designs from Olga Ashby, such as the coffee table in the living room, give character to what the interior designer describes as the perfect urban retreat. “As an avid traveler, Mary Cassandra wanted to bring together her collection of artifacts from different countries and cultures, as well as her old books, so a beautiful bookshelf is a must,” Olga adds.
        Dressing room cabinets, vanity and mirror designed by Olga and made by Neil Norton Design. Limestone tiles by Artisans of Devizes, custom concrete countertops by Microcement London, Leros marble sink by Fired Earth, faucets by Crosswater and Palm Leaf by Design Vintage.
        The sense of fluidity is achieved through a discreet color palette and many curves and niches that display the owner’s personal items. To provide natural light to the narrow staircase, the wall behind the couch was opened, and another “window” was made in the bathroom. “We believe we have created the sexiest bathroom possible,” says Olga. “The shadow seen through the shower window as I was walking down the stairs was very mysterious.”
        In the master bedroom, Sueno has a Frimas bed by Nobilis, a green Autumn Down bolster by Mark Alexander Jazz Verde, and Autumn Down pillows, also in Mahrama by Nobilis. Wardrobe by Neil Norton Design, designed by Olga Ashby. Mark Alexander Straight bed curtains by Sew & Sew Interiors, benches by Eichholtz, and Bosco marble double-arm sconces by CB2.
        For the master to be able to meditate and write daily, everything must be centered on well-being. Mary Cassandra hired a feng shui expert to coordinate all the spaces in this quiet retreat, which gave her the feeling of being in a cocoon. “Every angle is thought provoking,” adds Marie-Cassandre. “We could be in Ibiza or Bali. However, the apartment is in the heart of the city. This is a hidden gem in London, where the soul can rest and be inspired.”
        The work area next to the bedroom has a writing desk designed by Olga Ashby and made by Neil Norton Design. Galuchat fabric curtains by Jason de Souza by Sew & Sew Interiors.
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