The 13 Best Documentaries of 2022, From David Bowie to Volcano Love

Give me some truth, a wise man once said. The gods in the film look down on us and grant this wish. Soon—very soon—we heard real films, TV documentaries, real criminal cases, archival clip compilations, well-known folklore tributes, cultural time capsules, reports flying on the walls at 24 frames (or X pixels) per second, etc. d. . That’s good, albeit a lot. In fact, some of them are great.
We now have such a steady stream of documentaries available to watch, through so many different venues and in such a variety of formats, that trying to put together an annual “best of” list of non-fiction films and serials seems like a daunting effort. (Next: our list of the best beach sands for 2022.) But not all doctors are created equal, and the dozen bakers we’ve selected below for our top picks are work that reminds us why we continue to love what they can do. documentaries. with cameras, boom mics, vision and the ability to be in the right place at the right time. The 13 films below can run the gamut, from all-encompassing music documentaries to multi-chapter marathon revisionist history lessons. However, they all keep their promise to tell us some truth.
(Honorable Mentions: Cow, Descendant, Donbass, Hold the Fire, Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blue, Lounds County and the Rise of Black Power, Mr. Bachmann and His Class, My Old School, Princess, Retrograde, Tantura, and Nous (We). We also offer some “bonus view” options in various advertisements in addition to relevant entries.)

Post time: Jan-02-2023

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