Various knowledge and usage of latex paint

What is granite paint?

Usually unopened has a long shelf life of 60 months, but this is related to its storage environment.

When purchasing latex paint, a good price/performance ratio should be used as the purchasing standard, and latex paint with corresponding characteristics should be selected according to the different functions of the room. For example, choose products with better mold resistance for bathrooms and basements, and products with better stain resistance and scrub resistance for kitchens and bathrooms; choose latex paint with certain elasticity, which is beneficial to cover cracks and protect the decorative effect of walls. Because there is a very close relationship between various properties of coating products, and even restrict each other, for popular multi-functional products on the market, the single performance may not be outstanding, but the overall performance is generally better. Unsealed latex paint, as long as it has not been mixed with water for 5 years, will be fine, and there will be precipitation when using it. Just stir or shake it for a while. Pay attention to storage at room temperature, and do not keep it below 0 degrees for too long.

Second, the use of latex paint

1. Another name for latex paint is synthetic resin emulsion paint, which is made of synthetic resin emulsion as the base material and added with some other ingredients and pigments. Latex paint is a water-based paint, which is less harmful to the environment.
2. Because of its excellent characteristics, glue paint has been used by more and more people for home decoration.
Latex paint is one of the classifications of paints. It is mainly used as a paint on the wall. Using latex paint on the wall can form a protective film, which can effectively protect the wall from moisture and other factors. These two important functions are also the reasons why latex paint is widely used.

Interior wall latex paint case

About latex paint1

3. Latex paint is a kind of wall paint. Of course, it is also divided into interior wall latex paint and exterior wall latex paint. The two are used in different places and have different properties. The interior wall latex paint has The performance of the paint is to make the house more beautiful and tidy, and the role of the exterior wall latex paint is to resist the sun in addition to making the appearance.

The above is to introduce to you all the knowledge about how long latex paint can last and the use of latex paint. I believe that you will have a deeper understanding of latex paint through this article. Now many people pay attention to environmental protection when decorating, so in When choosing, you must know how to distinguish.

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